Ultimo Science Festival

12–22 September 2013

12 to 20 September
Monday - Friday 11am and 1pm
Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 11am, 1pm, 3pm
Powerhouse Museum, 500 Harris St, Ultimo
FREE event with entry to Powerhouse Museum
$30 family, $12 adult, $6 child
All ages

Science on show

Make everyday things extraordinary with amazing science demonstrations.

*Please note the shows on offer may vary — check with admissions on arrival.


The Triton Adventure Show

Join space-colonisation scientists for an adventure to Neptune’s largest Moon, Triton. Using super cold liquid nitrogen help discover what happened to robot PHM9 when he beamed back from the surface of Triton.

Full steam ahead!

Prepare to be amazed at the incredible power of steam! See steam inflate, spin and push things, meet super-sized dancing molecules and discover how steam can light up a light bulb.


Spark your curiosity as we explore electricity and how it’s made. Create some home-made lightning, make hair stand on end using the Van de Graff electrostatic generator and create current electricity using a magnet and a coil of wire.

Cogs’ Chemistry Show

What do burnt toast, melted icy poles and frozen orange juice have in common? Join Cogs, the problem-solving robot, live on stage for a fun-filled kitchen adventure examining the chemistry of change and the nature of matter.