Ultimo Science Festival

12–22 September 2013

Saturday 14 September, 2pm-4pm
Powerhouse Museum, 500 Harris Street, Ultimo
FREE event
Bookings essential, limited numbers
Adults and high-school children, not suitable for under 12s

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Speed meet a geek: Families chat to research scientists

Speed meet a Geek is a rare opportunity for you and your family to meet research scientists face-to-face and chat about their work. You’ll get just 10 minutes before the bell rings and you have to move on to your next scientist.

Held in the Powerhouse Museum you can meet some of the 25 researchers including forensic scientists, physicists and biologists, geologists, environmental scientists, people working with diabetes, heart disease and “Super bugs” like Golden Staph and an expert on food poisoning.

These working researchers will answer your questions about their work; a special event for adults and high school students who are mad about science.

These are some of the specialists in this year’s batch of chatting geeks, ready to relax at café tables and answer your questions. 

Dale Dominey-Howes - Disaster expert! Geologist and geographer and a global expert in tsunamis. Knows about  earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tropical cyclones, bush fires and other natural disasters.

Meiya Sutisno, a Forensic Anatomist – an ‘expert witness’ specialising in identifying people from skeletons and human remains and  from falsified ID photo and when recorded on CCTV surveillance footage.

Joanna Spasojevic, a Forensic Biologist – researching identification from facial images like those in ID documents.

Andrew Liew, a Molecular microbiologist researching the hospital superbug, Staphlyococcus aureus (Golden Staph)

Tanya Latty, Insect ecologist specialising in Swarm Intelligence

Tracey Russell, a Wildlife management biologist studying Tasmanian Devil immune genes

Julian Cox, Food microbiologist the poison chicken man! He looks at microscopic organisms that cause food poisoning and especially those in chickens

Claire Thompson, a Gut microbiologist (‘What can poo do for you?!’) investigating the microbes that live inside the guts of animals

Feike Dijkstra, a Bio-geochemist – how global climate change affects carbon and nutrient cycling in terrestrial ecosystems.

Iona Meher, a Veterinarian – researching in the area of veterinary pathology

Fernando Diaz, a Photonic physicist – who studies light,  specifically hybrid plasmonic waveguides.

Jody Webster, Marine Geologist /part biologist researching coral reef systems and the effects of climate change

Jordan Darcy, Quantum Chemist researching the quantum behaviours of hydrogen in hydrogen storage materials

Madeline Kavanagh, Medicinal chemist finding new treatments for diseases

Kristine McGrath, a Life scientist studying heart disease and diabetes

Lianchen Zhu, a Nanotechnology physicist

Steve Kassem, a Neuroscientist, with degrees in psychology-  trying to model the brains reactions to stress

William Brant, a Materials scientist whose work will lead to rechargeable lithium ion batteries which last longer, provide more power

Yuen-Yee Cheng, a Molecular biologist  -  doing Asbestos diseases research on the molecular background of mesothelioma